Thursday, 5 April 2012

101 Uses for an empty plastic milk bottle - mini greenhouse and compost pourer

I've just planted 4 Kelveden Wonder garden pea seeds in 2 cut-in-half toilet roll tubes.  I put them into a cut-down plastic milk bottle filled them with compost, made a hole with an old straw.  I'm planting 4 of all I shall grow this year each day.  Tomorrow, my seed potatoes will reside in an old flip-top bin, on top of 6 inches of soil and compost and covered with the same  My son is mortified as there is also an old 3-tier veg rack that I'm going to grow strawberries in when I come across someone selling them.  Indeed, there is more kitchen in the garden than he would like!. I sometimes still fill obliged to fill my motherly duty to embarrass my sons - that's just life.

I never throw anything away - last night I was asked for a folder and one AA battery -both close to hand.  Ask me where my handbag or car keys are though.....................?  There's such a joy in making something from junk.  My Big March Project has slipped into April, but will be finished over Easter and my Big April Project is filling up the kitchen - damn!  I just can't get near the cooker.  Ah well, sacrifices always have to be made in the interests of 'Art'.  I've just picked up an old sewing box from  It needs sanding and painting or varnishing and a bit of TLC.  People are really generous to give things away, but I'm so pleased to have 'won' this item.  I've also picked up some cupboard doors (Big May Project) that will fill the space where another door was and also make an individual (for one person, not something unique!) breakfast bar.  Fingers crossed!

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