Monday, 30 April 2012

Cheapo washing machine detergent

I've just made a pint of washing machine liquid.  It's from this site.  I didn't dilute it with cold water though.  I used :-

30 fl.oz of hot water
3 tbsp borax
3 tbsp washing soda
2 tbsp Fairy Liquid (the new Orange and Lemongrass smell)

You need to use about 2 fl.oz per load, which is a full up cup, not just filling up the centre, of the cap from a normal bottle.  This should last about 10 loads.

And the cost:-
Washing soda        90p  (from Tesco)
Borax                 £6.48/kg (from Ebay)
Fairy Liquid       £1.00 (from every shop under the Sun), but any good quality brand will do.

Each mix, as above, will cost approximately:-
Borax                  30p
Washing soda     4p
Fairy Liquid         6p

Each load will cost approximately  4p

I usually by Ariel Liquid Washing Machine Detergent.  The cheapest I could find online was a Pack of 6 x 20 washes (from Amazon) for £25.74.  That works out at 21p/load.

Every time I put on a load, I shall squirrel away the difference in my 'running away' fund!

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