Sunday, 15 April 2012

Return of the Hexagon - in a bag/purse

Another item for the Sales Table on May 19th 2012( Baldock High Street).  I've seen this bag all over the place, but normal size.  I like tiny (this purse is about 4" x 2") , so my hexagons have 1" sides, but you could make it with any size of hexagon.  The large bags don't usually have a flap like this one and have handles attached to the hexagons either side of the flap.  I started with two rows of hexagons, a single hexagon for the base and a triangle of 3 hexagons for the flap, but as all the pieces have to be lined (with fleece), I realised it would be easier if they were all joined before lining.  The base and flap cannot be joined anywhere along the length of the rows as there is some weirdness of sewing to complete the base and flap.

So, cover your paper hexagons and then join as so:-

There are two rows of 6 hexagons here.  How clever of me to photograph dark hexagons on a dark background - sometimes there's just no hope for some people.

Remove papers and back with fleece.  Quilt as you wish - around hexagons or  in rows - whatever you wish. Cut fleece to same size as piece - carefully!
Join the ends of the rows into a tube:-
Your fleece edges should match.  I've no idea why I cut mine so short and there was a price to pay:  I had to make  a ridiculously small pocket on the inside to cover up this mistake.
Turn to the base.  Sew with the fleece (insides) facing you.  This is the end of the tube with just one hexagon hanging on for dear life.  Sew both the sides adjacent to this hexagon together and also the sides of the hexagon directly opposite - Sorry, English is my third language, immediately after Utter Nonsense and Complete Rubbish.  Sew them like this - 

You should end up with this:-

Turn to the top of the tube, still with the fleece on the outside.  Sew together both of the two hexagon edges on either side of the flap hexagons

Turn right sides out and sew on press fasteners or Velcro dots to hold the flap in place.  Finished!

Now, have your underling rub your neck and shoulders until you doze off.

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