Monday, 30 April 2012

Baby Bows

This is a doll made for the Sales Table.  We got permission to make the doll for our Sales Table (did I mention it's in Baldock High Street on May 19th 2012?).  I'm not able to give the pattern here, but you can find it  here and it is free for personal use.

I made him half size, so he's about 9/10" tall and drew his features on with Stabilo fine marker pens.  He has fabric hair covering the mess I made of gathering the top of the head to make it look a little different.  I made a belly button by taking a thread through from front to back, but taking the needle back through the hole it made at the back, so the thread disappears into the body.  It should have bows at the thigh and shoulders, but that was just beyond me.  I sewed along the lines where his bows should be.  He may or may not have his modesty covered, he might be swaddled in a cocoon (which ever is quickest!)

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