Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Phone Recharging Holder (and Keeper from losing the plug and cord)

I saw this great idea on the site here.  It is all over the place though, so I have no idea who first created the idea (apparently you are supposed to find the originator of any idea you post (Lord Lucan?), but so many people seem to come up with the same idea at the same time, that's often nigh on impossible to find the first one.)  I used an empty pancake mix bottle.  I know it's hardly trench warfare to make pancakes, but it was only 25p, but I can't miss a bargain - even one I don't need.

Oh dear!  Did I forget to mention that I'd bought two of them that I don't need?  How did that happen?
I drew around the label remains.  No, of course it wasn't that I couldn't be bothered to take any more of it off, it merely remained as a guideline for marking the cutting line. Although, in the end I had to - sometimes laziness never wins.  I also drew around the plug of the re-charger.

The you cut it out on the line.  This is after, of course, turning the house upside down to look for the pack of craft knives bought at the Pound Shop only a week ago (6 for £1 - such a good bargain, if only I could find them?).  In the end, I resorted to the usual: a sharp kitchen knife.

And, here it is in situ.............
As for the decoration?  On the site above, they use fabric.  I would like to use egg shells, like here.  But, I've no idea what Alcohol Inks (printer ink?) or Aleene's Tacky Glue are, but I have seen other sites that do this with Mod Podge.  No idea what that is either but I did find a site to make your own here, although this begs another question: what is Elmers Glue?  It says it's school glue and washable so I suppose Copydex would be our equivalent?  It also gets mixed half and half with water, but as the Mod Podge is part glue and part varnish/sealant (oh yes, I'm no stranger to crawling the Internet for hours, sometimes even looking for the answer to a particular question), so maybe the other half ought to be varnish?  One site, this one, explains why you need to buy the real-deal.  I feel some experimentation sidling up to me - I'm no stranger to white coats

By the way, if you have a spare hour (or week), try these sites:-
All sorts of interests
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See you on the 10th.

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