Thursday, 5 April 2012

Circular/straight Knitting Swatches and wrist warmer pattern

I found a really good site that has so many great instructional videos:-
I went on it, looking for ideas about how to take better photo's - I know, I know, hardly necessary - but there is a wealth of interesting videos, not just about how to make your own videos, but loads on everything under the Sun.  I found this really good one about making swatches (for circular knitting, but the idea would work for any sort of knitting)   I also found a good one for quilting:- Eleanor's Block Party 2012 (but also loads of others of hers).  She demonstrates a block in front of a frenzied crowd group of quilters and then chucks in a bit of cooking.  I've watched January's and will have a go, but I think I will make my blocks smaller - hers are 6" and 12"  This is at

I haven't knitted anything really since my boys were little, but there is all this weird stuff around now: illusion knitting, double knitting, teeny knitting, all sorts.  It's  not just sweaters any more. I am making a Sarah Lund type sweater (just love all the Scandinavian thrillers and political TV at the moment).  It's circular so no sewing up it will be a new technique for me. It's here
Naturally, it's free, but they have lots of free patterns (as well as those for sale) and currently have Easter Workshops on their home page, also free.

I've also finished my wrist warmers (in only 5 weeks - honestly!), as part of the Lister Hospital Volunteers' Knitting Club.  They even stretch over my hands which I'm breaking in for a gorilla.

 They are so easy to knit - just a rectangle, folded in half and then the long seam stitched.  Leave a gap in the sewing-up for the thumb 1 1/4" down and the same size unsewn.
The Pattern
Gauge: 22st x 28 rows.  I was shocked that I needed to use 2 sizes smaller needles - no wonder nothing I made ever came out right knitting was always so much of a challenge.
Cast on 31  37  37  43  stitches (to fit 4-6 years  7-9 years  10-12 years  Adult)
Knit straight until piece measures 17cm  21cm  25cm  29cm
Work 4 rows is garter or K1P1 rib/moss stitch for the 'cuff' end..  Cast off and sew up.  Well done, you!

This particular pattern was     Row 1  S1, *yrn,p1,p3tog,p1,yon,k1, rep from * to end
                                             Row 2  S1, p to last stitch, k1
                                             Row 3  S1, k to end
                                             Row 4  S1 ,p to last stitch , k1
But you could use any pattern (show off) or just stocking or garter stitch throughout (ah, bless!)

Off now to parcel tape a bed frame.............See you on the 10th

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