Monday, 11 June 2012

This is another project for the drawing board

I don't know quite what the outcome will be, but I'm having a shot at doing one of these of me.  Not quite as accomplished, but mine will be a lot easier to do, given all the empty space!  My son took the picture of my silhouette and when he finished laughing thought it an excellent project to attempt.  Isn't this one just so goooood?  It's from here

Let's get it started...(or, cut up and put in a box)

These are the two scrappy wallhangings in the works.  They both use 1" strips and 1" squares.  The first is called 'Ohmygosh' and is by Sue Garman.  I forget where you can find the pattern but it is alternating blocks of Double Nine Patch and Churn Dash, and I think it's the bees knees.  It's from Sue Garman's site here
The other is from one of my favourite blogs OhFransson here
This is a map of the Tokyo Underground, but mine will be of the London Underground (minus rats, buskers...............)