Friday, 30 March 2012

March Big Project

Hello Canadian person!!!  Welcome!

Today's date is a multiple of 5, but I need to post a second thing as 2 and 5 are so similar.  However, that doesn't mean I can do things in multiples of 2 - who knows?

Any way, here is my old mattress, minus the top fabric and layer of compressed fabrics, threads, mites, dust....

Her she is coyly hiding her nakedness behind a curtain - incidentally, lying  provocatively on her side
Next the base. I took off the plastic base, now in the garden suppressing weeds, in a ball in the corner of the garden.
Next, I removed the fabric from the sides and top........
Can you believe it!!!!  I had hoped the top of the bed base would be hardboard (I have a use for that), but it's cardboard.  Cardboard?

Tomorrow, I shall remove the cross bits of wood (except the centre one that I will leave in to keep it square) and then cover the rest of the wood with one (or two?) layers of parcel tape.  I know how to spend a Saturday night, oh yes!

Have lots more to tell you about, Dear Reader, but not until the 5th!  

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