Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Normal service resumed tomorrow, but now something much more important

Tomorrow, at 3am, it will be the first anniversary of my kidney transplant.  I am taking the following letter to Addenbrookes for them to pass on to my Donor's Family.  If it touches you in any way, please consider signing up to the Donor Register and if you have, please make sure your family are aware of your wishes.

To My Dear Donor's Family

There are not enough words for me to express my gratitude for the courageous and selfless decision you made a year ago today. This week, I share just a little of the pain and grief you must have been suffering this past year.  I hope that hearing, just a tiny part about how your generosity has wholly transformed my life and the lives of my family and friends, will help alleviate your sorrow a little.

Before your kindness, my life was just ‘going through the motions’.  I could no longer take part in my hobbies or interests and even something as gentle as reading was occasionally too taxing.  My physical appearance changed in a most difficult way as the treatment, medication and Dialysis made my whole body swell up dramatically, particularly my face: I no longer even looked like me.  This was all very distressing.  Also, after working all my adult life, I had to stop.  I lost all routine and self-worth and felt a burden to everyone, especially my youngest son who took care of me wonderfully.  Then came the call……..

I will shortly be returning to work and becoming a productive member of society again.  I have jumped back into my hobbies with both huge flat feet!  I have become involved with many new hobbies, including writing a novel with two of my very good friends (look out for the personal appearance in W.H. Smiths!).  I have spent today with my youngest son and sewing – which is my favourite thing to do.  I haven’t been able to be creative for so long: ideas were becoming lost in a thickening haze.  I have been thinking up things to make at the Sales Table my local Quilt Group is having in May, with all the proceeds (and a generous donation from Glaxo) going to the Renal Unit of my local Hospital.  I’ve even started a blog and to try, and I say try, to become more organised!

I really cannot thank you enough for that dreadful decision you had to make.  You have completely transformed my life – I don’t have my life back again, I now have a much better life and that is entirely due to you.  I have had an e-mail from my manager in my last job which said: ‘It has been fantastic, not just for me, but surely for all of us to see you improving over the last year and getting back to your old self.  We are therefore, all grateful to your donor’s family that we can see you like this again’.

With all my best wishes and heartfelt appreciation of your thoughtfulness,

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