Thursday, 15 March 2012

Big Project for March

I've now removed the fabric from the top of the mattress and it is now stopping the draft from my store room into my laundry room (sounds posh, eh?......isn't).  The next layer looks like compressed rags and threads, which came off in a roll, with just a few clumps.  I know what I'm doing with that!  Now it is naked coils of metal - just perfect for it's new use!
I've started taking apart the divan. the black plastic from the base will go into the garden to suppress weeds, as for the rest, I need to take the wooden slats supporting what I hope is hardboard and not cardboard for their new use and then cover the remaining frame with parcel tape and something to block off the sides (Hummm......?)

Festering:-  1)    I'm instructed by son Liam to make a Creeper from Minecraft??????
                  2)    Need to make an Easter thing with Double Knitting.  Given the time of year, something for   Easter?  Here's the mouse mat I made him for Christmas

 There's an excellent tutorial to explain this technique, where you knit two right sides at the same time here:  I'm going to do one for myself in blue and white - some sort of winter scene.  I've been looking at dishcloth patterns for this project and have made quite a few as actual dishcloths, but not had the courage to use them!  I've knitted all mine in acrylic yarn to make them 'scrubbier', but apparently not using cotton results in having your needles confiscated by the Knitting Police (like the Quilt Police, but less pointless - hah, hah, huummmm).
                 3)   Had to restart my knitting for Lister volunteer Knitting Group.  I had only one ball and was to knit wrist warmers from this pattern.
Then, I had such a good idea: Just so I won't run out of yarn and to make them the same length, I'll knit from both ends of the ball of yarn!  I'll just need to find the end in the middle.  Oh, just how hard can that be....?
                   4)    I must complete my portable design wall.  So far, I have cheap wadding and low loft wadding (it might be Warm and Natural?), Copydexed to the insides of an old lever arch file and felt pages inside.  The felt is rubbish, by the way, everything just falls off.  Felt abandoned (hang on - tiny animals?).  I glued a length of ribbon to the inside before the wadding went on, in order that the file could be turned 'inside out' and the ribbons tied to hold it open......
This is the lever arch tied open with the ribbon from underneath.  You can just about see the wadding on the inside of the folder on the right


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