Saturday, 17 March 2012

101 Uses for an empty plastic milk bottle - No.1 Patchwork templates

I usually just print of a page onto card of whatever grid I choose from and just cut out the shapes I need.  But, sometimes you may need a template that is more durable or more easily drawn around.  You can cut out your shape a little bigger and make a longer lasting template with an empty plastic milk bottle, like so:-

Staple the shape larger than you want onto the plastic, cut out  your shape on the graph paper lines.  Use this template to drawn around for your paper shapes (TakeAway leaflets and holiday brochures are a good weight).  If you want to use the  template for machine piecing or hand piecing without papers, draw around the template then make holes at each corner as shown on the left with a large eyed needle.  Use a mechanical pencil (or, God forbid! a biro) draw around your template and mark through the holes onto your fabric.  Sew from dot to dot by hand with small running stitch or if you are making a pincushion, with back stitch.  Or, machine from dot to dot. Remember to leave the drawn hexagon and dots side on the reverse of your fabric
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