Friday, 30 March 2012

How lucky am I ?!? Knitting Paradise swap

Did you notice how I have added my shadow of me taking the photo?  I am a  person of many talents (not all of them useful)
I belong to 2 knitting sites - Ravelry, which has every pattern under the Sun and  a group called Nerd Wars which knits eyeballs, skulls and all sorts of weirdness, in Tournaments that last 3 months.  The other group is Knitting Paradise who are similar but host quite a few swaps.  This was what I received today in the March Swap   You fill in a tiny form about what your likes/dislikes are and that is passed on to your secret partner.  This has all my favourites: log cabins, Canada, cats, a candle, banana (Options drink sachet).  The swaps are held every month and everything has to add up to less than £7, plus postage.

Both these sites are free to join and

I also belong to similar groups for quilting, also free (of course!) to join.  The British Quilt List at  

I've also decided to post at dates that are multiples of 5 (you know, the 5th, 10th, blah blah blah).  I do most things in groups of five - don't know why?  Also, one of the blogs I follow  suggests going on a  '15 minute March' - sew for 15 mins a day in March.  15 is not auspicious enough, so I changed it to 25 mins (5X5) a day and also, I have 5 projects that get worked on in succession.  This is all in an effort to get stuff done and get organised.  This, of course, is the only thing which costs money, as I had to buy a daily planner (make one myself in Word - are you serious?) and a daily chalk board - the best thing about this is that you can list a task to do and then just erase it when you don't actually do it.  

More in just a min...........

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