Monday, 19 March 2012

Bits I forgot.............

I've looked back over previous posts and put back in the bits I left out!  Nothing life changing, but they might help if you are new to this game, Dear Reader.

Another thing I forgot, is to mention that I print my graph paper (from onto freezer paper and cut out those papers.  These can be ironed onto you fabric, but still need basting - they won't move around though.  To do this, you need to attach the freezer paper to a sheet of printer paper at the top of the page, just with using the iron on it for about 1cm (this stops the freezer paper jamming up your printer) and then cut the freezer paper to exactly the same size as the printer paper.  These can be used many times.

And, another thing.  I don't like pinning my papers to the fabric (in case they bunch up on the right side).  Rather, I would use paper clips to hold the fabric folded over the edge of the papers,on one or two of the sides furthest away from where I start basting.

And, another thing.  There are plastic templates available from  I've been following a thread on a group I subscribe to for a daily digest  This is the British Quilt List and is always interesting.  I'm not sure what else is going on there, as I am only up to Feb.22nd in my e-mails of Daily Digests.  Anyway, you are supposed to be able to baste on the fabric only and then flip out the template.  I've never tried this method and it would appear that you can only buy them from the site mentioned above.  I might have a go with a milk bottle!

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  1. If you cut your shapes from milk bottle, you could then use a stationery hole-punch to make one small round hole in the middle of each one then you could do what someone mentioned on BQL - you can pin the template to your fabric through the hole to hold it in place while you are tacking around the corners. Here's to saving the pennies ...