Sunday, 1 March 2015

London Modern Quilt Guild - January (a bit late but at least not lost like February......sad face.....

Today was fab!  Shevvy did a show and tell about improvisational quilting and had loads of pieces with her.  Basically, it's wonky log cabin, wonky stars etc but she had made 2 really cute little bags by sewing together lots of left over triangles.  She also had a great quilt (sadly, didn't fit into my backpack......shame.....)  She had cut 3"x2" rectangles and sewed left-over triangles on 2 opposite corners then just sewed the rectangles together.  Simplest ideas always the best, aren't they.     This is another similar quilt she showed but using the same idea of triangles sewn onto 2 opposite corners.  Quite hard to see how simple the pattern as the feathers are just amazing.

Also, she had been in a bee and had given the other members, the background and pieces of fabric to make flying geese (I hate flying geese!) and everyone had done them so differently - some going in curves, some tiny geese, some placed really randomly - it was beautiful. 
This is the bee quilt that she gave the other members bits of background and fabric and they had to sew geese their own way.  It's  not a good photo as the background is quite a dark green

These are the geese before putting together

And, wonky log cabin

Shevvy is so good at explaining stuff and even better at making everyone feel confident to try improv. quilting. I so enjoyed this day!
Shevvy blogs here
and the London Modern Quilt Guild blog is here