Thursday, 8 February 2018

Listening to:
Working my way through The Atlantic's 50 best podcasts of 2017 starting with #50 - Alone by Michelle Parise here.  Almost skipped this one as it's a love story (yuk) but it's really good.  The author is a Canadian (oh, Canada...!) journalist and the story is not sappy.  Love stories are something I avoid like the plague normally but I am glad I stuck with this one. Love podcasts whilst I'm sewing (or sprawling....)
Radio 4:  Nicola Sturgeon on 'A Good Read' talking about how important reading fiction is to understand other people lives and recommending books she has particularly enjoyed on her Twitter feed.

Watching on TV:
Silent Witness on BBC1.  I've not watched this before but am really enjoying it.  Stories are in 2 parts but both parts are in the same week so there's some chance of not forgetting the plot.
Spiral on BBC2. French detective drama.  Main character is female and in charge but she's a bit sappy.  Still hooked on Scandi noir but giving others a chance.

Watching on Netflix:
How to Get away with Murder, series 3.  All really far fetched but better escapism than other wallpaper tv like Eastenders or Coronation Street, both of which are becoming more and more unbelievable.  If I'm going to suspend belief, I'd rather it be for a better story!

Watching on QNNtv:
Took me ages to find this again and subscribe.  It's now owned by The Quilting Company ( and takes a real bit of work to find QNNtv videos but I watched Thomas Knauer Design Studio - Palimpsest (no, I don't know what it means either!).  This video shows how to use print to quilt your project and I shall use these ideas on my quilt challenge for my local quilt group Mimram Quilters which I shall start sewing next week after finishing (finally) all the Cricket Club cushions.

Watching on YouTube:
Needle threading witchery!  I tried but can't do it!


Still can't find my little sewing tins with all my equipment in from moving, so recovering some cushions for local Cricket Club - yawn, yawn, yawn........

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