Tuesday, 10 February 2015

January swaps - better late than never?!

This is my January postcard swap to Jane in Idaho (part of the monthy postcard swap here, posted just after January perished!  It really isn't as wonky as it looks?  Must pin down stuff so it doesn't look so manky!

These are the second rounds of hexies I sent to Janet but... there was a major problem with them...arghhh....  I had downloaded 1" hexagons from the web but, when I printed them I forgot to uncheck the 'fit to page' box so they were too small (only by about 1/16th of an inch but that's a lot when they are only 1" to start with!

Well, Janet was really kind and rebasted my hexies and made this flower:-

But, the seams on the other set were too small to rebaste so, they were used here.  I think this flower is even more effective, even though I am crushed by my carelessness.  Here is how Janet used them and I'm just so impressed:-

So, that's a lesson learnt the hard way for Janet - check your printing settings carefully and still check against a 'real' template or ruler.  

I was especially mortified as Janet runs the swap http://inchyhexagonswap.blogspot.co.uk and I sent silly-sized hexies to her.....well, you live and learn, don't you!  Incidentally, Janet also blogs here and I've been following her for ages - it's a small World.


  1. Penny, love the postcard!! And the flowers too. :) They turned out great!

  2. Thanks! You are very gracious

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