Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Look away if you might be offended.....!

Usually, I'm quite a fuddy-duddy patchworker but just occasionally, something really sparks something...I saw Annabel Rainbow's quilt previously  (and was quite shocked that her pieces were frowned on by some with a lot of tutting and head-shaking) at the NEC.  I soon started stalking following her online and started reading a magazine that she started with her friend Linda Kemshall.  This is a free online magazine and I think it's just the bees' knees. Have a good wander around this ISSUU site, too.  I couldn't quite believe how many free, high quality magazines are on this site about all matter of subjects.

This is the second issue of the magazine, the first issue can be found here.
 And, Annabel Rainbow is the lady who's work I love.  Please don't be offended and, apologies if you are but I just think her work is honest about how our bodies truly are and these are only a small part of her work!

She has also written a free e-book about her method of working.  Of course, I have downloaded but not yet read it!

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