Saturday, 12 July 2014

I'm famous! and fat (sigh....)

Here I am in my local paper.   I was so happy to be included in the event and so enjoyed the day, chatting to people and helping to sign up many to the NHS Organ Donation Register. huge I am!

So I have been racking my brains to remember all the advice I have been given in the past to help me loose weight and here's what I remember:-
  • Plan ahead 
  • Make gallons of veggie soup 
  • Plan each day's meals beginning with 5 portions of veggies and 2     portions of fruit
  • Look up portion sizes and measure everything for the first couple of days and then once a week so portion sizes don't sneakily increase 'it's not the portion size that increased, it must have been the spoons..honest'
  • Have around 400kcal/meal but, sadly, only 3 meals a day.  Can people really survive on that?
  • If you're still really starving later in the evening God, yes I am... have a bowl of packet porridge but put it off for half an hour, when the time's up try to put it off a little longer.
  • If a meal is missed, it's gone can't have double for the next meal...
  • Drink plenty during the day apparently, not alcohol.  Strange?
  • Try to keep busy or distracted during your 'stuffing your face with abandon' time not allowed to keep busy by cooking chips or the like
  • Clean teeth when wanting to eat extra but I've just got used to the mixture of toothpaste and cheese..
  • Don't buy unhealthy food or food that you know will start a binge.  It's not good for you or your family  and you can't pretend it's for the children/friends/pets/passing burglars..

  • Aim to walk 10,000 steps a day but not to the sweetie shop Increase the number of paces until this number is achieved do not attach pedometer to dog..
  • Try to make your belly button touch your spine to ensure correct walking posture
  • Lengthen your stride to ensure hips are engaged all of them..
But, always treat yourself with love and respect.  

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