Thursday, 17 July 2014

Disorganised...? Who....? Me....?

I can hardly breathe I so excited to be going to my first retreat tomorrow.  I'm going to the Fat Quarter Retreat in London and just can't wait.  I'm not at all worried about going there on my own and I wouldn't even have known about it if I hadn't joined the Siblings Together Bee 2.  So, I am very grateful to those kind ladies who never once complained about my poor piecing or lateness!  I've not yet met a quilter I didn't like - shame that couldn't all say the same thing!  I also made a complete hash of adding my blog to their blog - I did it twice.  Sort of.  And, I'm still not sure I've done it right....ah, well!

This is my Sibling Together Bee 2 Quilt and that's the first thing on my list to finish.  I seem to remember thinking last Monday that I should, perhaps, start quilting it?  My usually trusty old Bernina just went into a complete sulk for not giving her notice in triplicate several weeks earlier, so I had to quilt it by hand.....!  Arggghhhhhhh.............  

As you can see, my son is now hideously deformed as I had to sell his right leg in order to buy more fabric. 

As I was binding it today I noticed 6 un-quilted squares but.....I don't have time to stitch them today:  I still haven't prepared the linings for the Mail Organiser workshop tomorrow.  

I'm also taking the  Screen Printing and Sweet Tea and Green Beans (I know this is the wrong title for the workshop but you will understand the name change once I mess it up completely!) on Saturday and the Fractured Quilt workshop on Sunday.

I still haven't cut all my strips for the strip swap.  Or, packed up all my sewing stuff and fabrics for tomorrow.  Or sorted out what I will be wearing (can't believe it will be in the '30's - I will explode.  I hate the sun, heat and all that hideous Summer stuff!  Roll on Winter and grey coloured slush!  We might get a thunderstorm though, so that will make up for a lot!

These are my 'body farm' bears that I am taking to the swap.  They are neither use nor decoration, as my mother used to say, so quite appropriate from me.  Get out your violins now....!

Yey!!!  Retreat tomorrow!
Off now to print name badges for my bears......ooooh nooooo!   Haven't made my name badge yet either.  Perhaps I should just write pilchard on my forehead instead.....

Good job it's not like me to leave things until the last minute..........

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