Friday, 27 June 2014

Siblings Together Bee 2 but...brace yourself...long post!

SB2 is a group of quilters that is a UK only off-shoot from the Siblings Together Flickr group.  We all are making quilts for a charity, Siblings Together, that supports children separated by the Care system which provides a summer camp so that they can have a holiday with their siblings.

The Sibling Bees have taught me a lot!  Having mostly sewn by hand and only pieced my own stuff before, I now realise that my cutting had a lot to be desired and, as for 1/4" seams, well...what can I say?  Apparently, it's not just enough to have a quarter inch foot on your machine - you actually have to use it!  I've marked the 1/4" with masking tape on my machine and now see that the edge of the foot should actually follow the edge of the fabric (actually, a thread or two in from the edge of the fabric).  Who knew......?!? Think I should have!

Well, those ladies who received my 2 blocks each month must be angels!  Nobody 'returned to sender'!  I learnt a lot and it just shows that we can all too often become complacent with what we do.  All of a sudden, my stuff actually looks good...well, I never!

So, excuses excuses excuses now out of the way, these are the blocks:-

June 2013 - Wonky Star - Rafael's Mum 

 Impressed by the photography, lighting, pressing or stitching?  Hmmm.........

July 2013 - Confetti block - SveaP

August 2013 - Colourful Log Cabins - susycat1 &

September 2013 - Half Square String - Sewtobed
           I loved making this block.....!

October 2013 - Crossroads - espritpatch
November 2013 - Funky Wrench - suespatch

December 2013 - catching up, as per usual!

January 2014 - The Missing U - elfinpatch
via Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg

February 2014 - Love in the Mist - jennies threads

March 2014 - Scrappy Sprouts - sewsarahsews
I forgot to either photograph this or accidentally deleted's what it should look like (but with more loose threads and wonky seaming!).  If only I could work out how to put the picture here...!  Can't believe I forgot the photo, they were my better blocks....sob....

April 2014 - Scrappy Woven - Me!
I'll post the finished quilt as it needs to be finished for the Fat Quarterly Retreat in mid-July - need to get my finger out!

May 2014 - Reverse Rainbow Starburst - libertyjsy
Forgot to take a photo of this one too.  So annoyed......but, this is what it should look like (from the flutterkat site).  Mine are orange and blue.

June 2014 - Scrappy Trip Around the World - HillyFilly

Now, I just need to put my blocks together, baste and quilt them and take them to the Fat Quarter Retreat on July 22nd - no sweat!


  1. Hello, thank you for sharing all those blocks and links. May I add the corrected link to the Confetti quilt? It's

  2. Oops! Sorry but thank you for spotting my stupid mistake (I should have checked the link first). Many thanks for the correction!