Saturday, 5 May 2012

Patchwork Concertina Art Book

Prepare your book cover.  I've pieced fabric samples over 1" squares, but this book can be any size and have any cover you wish.  I like tiny items - apparently 'small items' are now to be called Zukka patchwork (Japanese for 'small items', I'm reliably informed by Mr Google).
Cut a piece of heavy card, slightly smaller (about an 1/8") in both directions.
Cut a piece of lining fabric (I used calico, as it will not be seen), and cover the card, either by stitching or glueing:-
Neaten the corners as best you can, but they will be hidden.
Cut a piece of wadding (any sort you want to use up) the slightly smaller than your piece of card (again, about 1/8th").  Glue it on with tiny dabs of PVA or School Glue:-
Lay a length of ribbon, long enough to tie into a bow on each side, across the centre from left to right.  This will be the closure.  You might wish to knot a loop of elastic and sew to one side, but remember you will have to sew the matching button to the main fabric of the other cover before layering.  Place your fabric/pieced fabric on top, right sides up and whip stitch/glove maker stitch/buttonhole stitch to the lining fabric, catching the ribbon/elastic but not the card:-

Make a second cover for the back, in the same manner and exactly the same size.
Next cut a length of Cartridge paper, about 1/8th" smaller than the height of your book cover.  Lay one end on top of your book cover and fold so that the folded piece fits comfortably on the lining side of the cover.  Concertina fold the paper until it is all used.  Cut to the last whole page.

Paste the lining with PVA/ School Glue in a thin but even layer.  Glue the paper on with the first fold to the right and the covers as if it were an open book. Do the same on the back cover. Press the glued papers down and leave to dry before closing the book.  Be careful not to glue in the ribbon!
The book may be opened from either side.  It doesn't really matter if you've mixed up the covers and your book opens from top to bottom (unless of course, the covers have a picture!)
This is the back
This is the front


Bit too generous with the ribbon

It doesn't matter which side you use, as opening from the pink cover uses one side of the paper and opening from the blue cover uses the other side of the paper.

Now, have some chocolate, and that's an order!

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